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Dear Engaged Couple!

My name is Lilla Lakatos. It is an honour that I may be the one to participate on the most important day of your life. For me, wedding photography is beyond passion and profession. I make photos and capture moments that will always remind you of that true and intimate love that was brought into existence by you.

Lullaby. The reason I chose this word for my brand is that I have a very special aim I target with every tool I have. This aim is to provide such an experience on the engagement photography and on the wedding itself, that you will gladly and eagerly tell your future children and grandchildren about it. When you hold the miraculous photobook in your hands that I created for you, and it comes to life in front of your eyes: 

„ - Once upon a time there were to people who fell in love with each other and captured that wonder.

-Mommy, this is beautiful! I want something like this too! – goes your child. And you just go on and on with the story.”

I will provide this feeling in the present, on the most important day of yours, by my photos. Having conducted several hundreds of photoshoots with professional equipment I know that timing, precision and continuous availability are exquisitely important. I experience the weight of these aspects not only during my works, but on the wedding exhibitions as well.

Please browse through the website. You can find the major pieces of information about my services and the photoshoot packages that I provide. After doing so, as I usually do, we may meet up in person and discuss the details, your claims and to get to know each other a bit. This way you will not feel that you are dealing with a stranger, you can share the details of your special day with a familiar person. I will be your partner regardless of the location, both in Hungary, or abroad.

If you feel ambiguous about anything, or you have further questions or requests, please contact me without hesitation!